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Trainer Hoodie – Ivory White

Trainer Hoodie – Ivory White

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  • 85% organic cotton, 15% recycled polyester
  • GOTS certified


Early 2023.

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The greatest spirits in the metaverse

Polymon are uniquely beautifully animated, 3D digital collectibles. Since day one, they've been metaverse-ready. Polymon are frens to cheer you on in the Wild West of web3 and essential companions for trainers.

With this OG 11/11 collection, trainers can now sport the original 11 Polymon IRL.

Here's to monsters with character.

  • OG 11/11 Collection

    Inspired by our original 11 Polymon and our collector and trainer spirit, the OG 11/11 collection represents the merge of subcultures of web3, monster worlds, gaming and tech enthusiasts IRL.

  • Organic

    The organic materials for our gear is based on natural fibers grown without harmful chemicals. These materials are sustainable and environmentally friendly. In clothing, they are soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear.

  • Meticulously Crafted

    Just like our beautifully anmiated digital collectibles, Polymon, our gear is made with great care and attention to detail. We use stiching, digital printing and serigraphy to bring our Polymon and our spirit onto our gear IRL.